Web hosting for your business & choosing the right one

How to choose the right web hosting.

As the business world moves to the hybrid working as well as being online, and the growth in the STEM market, the need to understand how important hosting is, sometimes are not measured. 

Imagine logging into a website and it crashes or does not load, how as a business would you be able to track this? Well its difficult to measure this and a lot of businesses fail to monitor this, which means, all that hard work in marketing & advertisement, your losing customers because of the failure on the hosting services you are using. 

Let’s begin with the understanding of web hosting and cloud servers

What are the types of web hosting available? 

Well you can segment that there are 3 types of web hosting services:

1.     Shared web hosting is probably the most common services that most businesses use. We know that the market is dominant with sole traders to small businesses. 

2.     Dedicated web servers is a physical ownership of a web server and is not shared. Most small and medium sized businesses use this method because they are not worried on scalability. 

3.     Cloud hosting. This is more on the scalability and better at managing your resources. 

Learning on what works for your business needs to be analysed using real-time data and then a decision can be made. 

If you need some help or guidance on your web hosting requirements, speak to us or email our team at info@techics.com. We are here to help you. 

How do I measure my traffic and understand which web hosting to choose?

Understanding your business market is critical on knowing which web hosting would be best suited for your business. Through our experiences, we have seen that businesses, around 34% make mistakes of choosing the wrong hosting or its provider. 

For example, we have been working with a veterinarian clinic where they had chosen a provider where the services being provided was not what they needed and their customers were constantly complaining on the issues that they were facing on a WordPress website. Using real-time data, we was able to analyse their traffic and recommend a hosting, and for the last 18 months, they had zero complaints on accessing their website. Compare to almost 65% of their customers had lodged complaint to them on the previous periods. 

To choose the best tracking software’s or tools, there are a number of those in the market. This would include Google Analytics, Bing and other providers. Its important to understand your customer market segmentation, analyse the traffic data and then decide on what will work for your business.

Building trust and improve on customer interactions

Having a working site is so critical to a successful business. A customer ability to come and interact with your business online demonstrates their intention to buy. It further gives you confidence that your marketing channels and advertisement is working. 

You don’t need a customer to come into your website and attempting to navigate around the site, are stalled. Put yourself in their shoes, would you keep hitting the reload button to get it working, may be not. 

Retail Tech ICS web and website hosting services, what’s available?

We understand that no 2 businesses are the same, so we offer flexibility of what is needed, from shared hosting services to dedicated and cloud servers. Our team at Tech ICS can also provide you with more managed server support.

How to connect your domain with our web hosting services?

If you have a domain with us, then you can simply add the web hosting product in your control panel. Where your domain sits with another provider, that is fine, a simple IP address changes in your DNS of the domain can point to our web hosting services and Tech ICS can do this for free. 

Can Tech ICS hep me on choosing the right web hosting?

Yes, we can. We would be able to assess your business needs and advise on which hosting would be best suited for your business needs. Tech ICS would be able to discuss the price plans and fit them into your budget where possible. 

Need our advice or help, contact us at info@techics.com or speak to one of our friendly professionals at 0207 237 3388.

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