Best Business Email Service Providers

Best Business Email Service Providers

We know that business emails are the most important communication method that everyone uses. As we move away from sending and receiving letters through our postal services, almost all enterprises and organisations are moving away from this.

Emails are cost-effective and efficient, as almost everyone now has a smartphone where they can access their emails. There is no need to use a laptop or have access, as mobile data is becoming far cheaper to use as an alternative.

So as a business, we have to ask who are the best business email service provider. This is so you can maintain communication and your customer does not receive a mail delivery failure when the email does not reach you.

Unlike with the conventional postal service, you won’t get a re-delivery done, unless the person sending the email, decides to resend you that email once your email account is available.

Here are some of the most common questions asked when it comes to choosing the best business email service providers.

How do I choose the right domain for my business email address?

By now, you would have either secured a domain name for your business. If you have not, then you can buy your domain from Retail Tech ICS. Buying a domain is very important, so choose the right domain name.

Changing a domain name is not the same as changing your website or your business email provider. So choose the right one, as the wrong domain name can really affect your business.

If you need some help or guidance on your domain name, speak to us or email our team at We are here to help you.

How do you make a business email address?

A business email address is where your email account is associated with a domain name. This makes your business more legitimate rather than using personal email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail.

Almost all providers charge a small fee for the business email address to be connected to your domain however there are significant benefits to having such an email address. Retail Tech ICS offers at a small fraction of the costs to have a business email and connect this to your domain name.

Our business email accounts are secure, fast and reliable, to ensure you don’t have any downtime. To find more details of our plans, please click here.

Sending emails from your business email account

When sending your email to a customer, a business email is far more professional and demonstrates that the business is legitimate. As all business email accounts are paid for service.

You may receive a business email portraying its from a business when someone is trying to send you a spam email. You can check if this is a genuine email account by double-clicking on the name.

How do I connect my business emails and does Hybrid Legal CRM allow this?

Our Hybrid Legal CRM allows you to connect your business email account to our platform. This allows you to send and receive email, ensuring that all your communications are managed and monitored.

Our new AI machine learning technology allows you to integrate all email-type accounts, so you don’t have to worry about what would work and what is not going to. Unlike some of the other providers in CRM, you are limited to the email account type you can connect to their CRM.

Do I need an email client to send and receive an email from the business email account?

Most providers will have a webmail client to use. This will help you to send and receive an email to your customers.

Email clients that we use on webmail do not always allow you to have an HTML email signature which does not help with the presentation of your email being sent to your customer.

You can use other desktop-based email clients to configure your email account and use this to send emails.

Are there any free business email accounts that I can use to configure?

Whilst some providers claim to be free, that is not the case. Ultimately, you will be paying for a service to have a business email account created and managed. Use a paid service as this would ensure reliability and be secured.

Can Tech ICS hep me on choosing the right service provider for our business email accounts?

Yes, we can. We would be able to assess your business needs and advise on which provider would be best suited for your business needs. Tech ICS would be able to discuss the price plans and fit them into your budget where possible.

Need our advice or help, contact us at or speak to one of our friendly professionals at 0207 237 3388.

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