How to buy a domain name

How to buy a domain name
Sep 28, 2022

We see that many businesses including those who have been trading for a long time, are focussing some of their energy on the online market. It’s becoming increasingly competitive in the domain market, so choosing the right domain for your business is vital.

We get asked “how to buy a domain name?”, and the answer is simple, you can buy your ideal domain from our website Retail Tech ICS. Your domain name is your address on the online web, which means, as a business, you can be found everywhere.

Given the current scale at the moment, with accessibility being so available, a person can access and gets to know more of your business simply by putting this domain name on their browser.

They don’t need to do anything further and depending on what content you place on your website, this will increase your customer base for you.

To improve your online presence and to have your business found, choosing your domain name is important. In most cases, we look for a domain name to match our business, which is great however at times, people choose other domain names, to match their business. For example, you may have a business name as registered but the service you provide differs from the name chosen. It’s far better to choose a domain name associated with what you do, rather than your registered business name.

It’s really important you give thorough thought to the domain name and road-mapping how you wish to get both your brand name and also domain name matching. This is because, what you don’t want to do, is do a change to your domain name after some time. Domain name authority is a key essence to be found online.

So what is domain authority? This is to demonstrate whether your domain name and website can be trusted. There are a lot of factors that are considered by search engines such as website security, and the contents to name some of the requirements to build on your domain authority.

Connecting your domain name to your website

Once you have purchased your domain name, you can simply connect this to the website that you have created. The process is quite simple, you can make changes to the DNS of your domain settings or connect it to your web hosting server.

You may need to speak to a professional on this. If you would like us to help, our specialist technical team at Tech ICS can help with this and you can find more details of our IT-managed services on your domain-driven website.

Most frequently asked questions

Buying a domain is an easy process, however, we know that some questions are required to be answered. We hope the following will clarify:

What are the steps to take in order to buy a domain name?

a) Buy from a domain registrar and you can search & buy from

b) When you search on our tool, you will be able to see whether the domain name you have searched for is available and can choose which one to buy.

c) Once you are happy, select to buy and complete the online transaction.

d) Register at the website and complete the purchase.

e) You will receive an email confirmation once you have registered.

f) When you have completed the purchase, you will receive access and also confirmation the domain name is now registered.

Domain Search

Searching for the domain is simple., Go to our search button on the home page and put in the name you are looking to register. It will then give you the results and choose the one you intend to register. That simple.

Is Retail Tech ICS a registered domain provider?

Yes we are. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). They are a private, non-government, non-profit corporation with responsibility for Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system (DNS) management and root server system management functions. Your domain is legally registered with Retail Tech ICS,

Can I buy a domain name permanently?

All domain names are registered for 12 months but in some cases, you can choose to do longer. However, you cannot buy indefinitely as the fees are required by the registrars on a yearly basis.

You will always be notified by Retail Tech ICS that the domain is up for renewal or you can from your account choose automatic renewal.

What are the costs to buy a domain name?

The costs of domain names differ. This is because different names depending on the market rate and costs for a domain can start at £1.99 a year.

Is buying a domain name worth it?

Yes, given the current online marketplace, getting your business online will help improve market awareness and for your customers to find and read about you.

Is it helpful to have a good domain name for search engines?

Yes, in most cases it does. Search engines may look for particular websites matching their customer search however a lot has changed. The purpose of the search engine is to give you, a customer the information and the help required. Google, what it does best, is find the information required.

Most others such as Bing, Yahoo etc, do not appear to be a helpful portals. We now have a packed online database with information, so we need Google to become better at what information and how this is delivered.

Can you buy a domain name for free?

In most cases no, that is because you will always end up buying a service but having your own domain registered is far better. It’s not the same as having a website because you can change this as and when. A domain name is to keep.

Do I have to buy a domain protection service?

We would recommend that you buy a domain protection service, to avoid the domain name to be taken without your authority.

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