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What is a web application?

The web application is a web based software that runs on the webserver. The user accesses the web applications through a web browser with an active network connection. Web application security refers to different types of processes like web applications, technologies, protecting webserver methods, web applications, and others.

The web application firewall protects the web application against malicious HTTP traffic. The web application firewall can protect against hostile, such as cross-site scripting, cross forgery, and SQL injection, by placing a filtration barrier between the attacker and the targeted server. Web application security solutions provide protection solutions to the online service and website against the host of threats.

Importance of web application security

We know that our world technology is growing up geometrically. All the business systems are IT-based, but there is a higher chance to attack your business or business data by the attacker. For this reason, you need a security system to protect your business or confidential data.

There are some significant reasons to use a web application security system:

  • You can prevent the loss of your website data from the attacker.
  • You can understand that security is about more than just testing.
  • All business owners need to save and secure their business data and maintain their brand reputation.

A web application security system protects cyber attackers from accessing confidential information. If you don’t use a security system, there is a greater risk of the spread of malware, network issues, attack on other websites, and other IT-related infrastructure. If you wish to get a web application security service, you may take our comprehensive package click here where you are able to purchase our website security packages.

How to get web application security solutions?

Web application security solutions play an important part in protecting your website data, organisations, and customers from data theft. Nowadays, cyber security comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes.

All business owners need to find a secure system to store their website data. The web application security solutions protect the online services and website against threats of the host. Tech ICS Retail provides a better way to get privacy and security solutions for all business types, whether you are a small to large enterprise.

The web application security solution includes visibility tools for detecting potential risks and attackers, automated security action, and vulnerability assessment. If you wish to get web application security for your business, Tech ICS Retail gives you an array of solutions to choose from. We have an expert team in hand to give you industry-led advice.

Application security testing checklist

Web application security refers to different technologies, processes, methods for web servers, and others. There are some ways for application security testing. The minimum web application security testing needs a web vulnerability scanner. It would help if you use an HTTP proxy for authentication testing of your web application, that allows you to attempt to manipulate user login session management, application workflows and more. You can focus on securing some of the most critical applications that run your business.

You may be looking for outside help to measure and manage your application security risk. Tech ICS can help you succeed in your web application security testing program across all of your initiatives. We referred to some following processes that will be part of the web application security checklist, such as:

  • Data Collection – Manually review applications, identify entry points and client-side codes. Classify third-party hosted content.
  • Authorisation – Check the application for Path Traversal Vertical and horizontal access control problems; Missing approval and unsafe, direct object reference.
  • Cryptography – Secure all data transmission. Specific information encrypted? The weak algorithm used? Do random errors exist?
  • Service Denial – Improve the resilience of an application against denial of service threats by testing anti-automation, account lockout, HTTP protocol DoS and SQL Wildcard DoS. It does not cover protection against high-volume DoS and DDoS attacks, which are best addressed by a combination of filtering solutions and scalable resources.

Why do you need website backup?

Website backup stores the history of your website and related database through the FTP, which is quite handy when your web files are hacked. FTP means that File Transfer Protocol. FTP is the standard communication protocol used to transfer the data or files from the server to the clients on any computer network. If you build your website using our web hosting, the website will be in a secured environment and you will enjoy reliability & uptime.

Further to this, if you wish to prevent server failure, hacked website data, harmful malware, and other technological hazard, as a business, you will need to strategically consider your web security. To get rid of this unexpected hazard, you can take our website security service.

It lets you can scan your files for malware during the backup period, and you can safely store the malware-free copies. Tech ICS Retail can provide you with the website backup to be restored entirely after any problems and crashes.

Managed SSL Service

SSL means Secure Socket Layer, and it is the security technology that is widely used to secure server to browser transactions. SSL is also used to provide safety to secure data or any information passed by the browser to the webserver. Managed SSL service is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. Software as a Service (SaaS) delivers the application online, and SaaS is also a software licensing model that permits to access software on a subscription basis using other external services.

Managed SSL is designed for specific security requirements and provide access to all types of SSL certificates. It supports the enterprise’s need to host extended validation for the public website and a different SSL for non-public and internal services. We provide a wide range of SSL services, and we make sure about our services that your website is activated with the most significant encryption in the world. It means that whenever your clients come to your website and it is validated with an SSL certificate, it shows them that you have already taken the extra step to ensure the exchange of data is secure.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate after setting it up properly, the search engine or browser will flag your site that your site is not secure. It means that your website traffic will see such a message and leave your site. We can make sure that our Managed SSL service provides you with long-term protection to avoid such unexpected conditions, and think about the protection of your website. You can take our Managed SSL service and set it up properly and feel better and happy. Tech ICS Retail offers you Managed SSL service at a low cost, so why wait today?


Web application security solutions protect your website from unexpected threats. More than 90% of web applications contain medium to high-risk security.

Tech ICS Retail provides solutions and products for your business. Visit our store on https://retail.techics.com.  Feel free to contact us on 0207 237 3388 or email us at info@techics.com.

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